The Awareness of Spirit
by Marc Felix, Ph.D.

This afternoon I was sitting on my deck looking at the sky, engrossed in the white clouds that were defying gravity, levitating in the blue sky. Looking at the sky is for me a portal to Spirit. My consciousness spreads out through the sky, my sense of separateness evaporates, and I feel the omnipresence of Spirit. The starry night sky works equally well. 


As Marshall McLuhan said, “We don’t know who discovered water, but we know it wasn’t the fish.”


I don’t know the context in which Marshall McLuhan made that statement, but I think it applies beautifully to Spirit. Like fish in water, we are filled and surrounded by Spirit. And like fish in water, people aren’t aware of Spirit. And as fish need water, people need Spirit.


When it comes to Spirit, we have to confess our ignorance and acknowledge the limitations of our minds and our language. We will never understand the Mystery of Spirit any more than we will understand the mystery of the night sky. The invitation isn’t to solve the Mystery, but rather to enter into the Mystery of Spirit. This requires an open mind. And, even more, this requires an open heart. The saying isn’t “God is intellect”; the saying is “God is Love”.


Spirit is the essence of who we are and the Ground of Being. Spirit is who is reading these words. Spirit is seeing through all eyes, hearing through all ears, and touching through all hands. 


Certain things can prepare us to feel our oneness with Spirit. It’s helpful to do our psychological work, integrate our dark side, resolve our personality conflicts. Eat a healthy diet. How can you light up a luminous consciousness on junk food? It’s also helpful to exercise, relax, play, and breathe. Otherwise all our constrictions on different levels can dull our perception. 


Honor spirit by maintaining a spiritual practice through meditation, reading sacred texts, yoga, inner work, music, gardening, or sacred relationship. This deepening of awareness allows us to access our true nature, which is happy, loving, and full of wonder,


I believe that part of everyone’s purpose on this planet is to wake up and celebrate the Spirit, that which is infinite and eternal. 

This present moment is a spiritual moment. Right now, can’t you sense something shimmering, larger and deeper than the dramas of our lives? 


I don’t know if fish will ever be aware of water and celebrate it’s wetness. I do know that we can be refresh and re-enchant our lives with the awareness of the the Great Mystery, which is all the play of Spirit.